1 season

    In a city where more people are killed in the streets of Chicago than soldiers in the war on terror in Iraq, a community fights to change the negative stigma of its city. But as two gangs fight over control of the racially divided neighborhood, the lives of several individuals will be tested and ...

  • Two Wolves

    Two Wolves, an urban drama in a dark world of secrets and intrigue, tells the story of special agent Artemis (Mykel Shannon Jenkins: Undisputed III, Bold And The Beautiful) who must escape his father's vengeful past in order to save his son's life. An obsessed Agent Decker will stop at nothing to...

  • The Gods

    Mickey, a street hustler, starts working for the Fasano family to get closer to Sofia, the mob boss' daughter. After winning her heart and secretly getting married, a chain of fateful events change their lives forever when the secret is exposed.


    In only 30 minutes, this film tackles issues such as mental health, sexuality, poverty, education, gun violence and abuse of power. Social Conflict is a project that addresses our greatest fears and speaks truth to power. Charmayne Davis is a top teacher at Cody High School and seems to be maki...

  • Between Friends


    Love, sex and betrayal are best kept between friends.

  • NIYA



  • Father's Day




  • Clouded


  • Split Decision

    Lola is a rugged, Hispanic lesbian with a keen passion for boxing. She must break through countless obstacles of sexism, along with cultural and social pressures, as she fights to pursue her dreams. Lola is caught in an epic battle to fully embrace her identity and live her truth.


    A Chicago-based short film chronicling a day in the life of a South Side man, his son, and their untimely run-in with gun violence.

    Written & Directed by Angela Y. Dugan

  • Jermaine - Official Trailer

  • Miss Winn's Garden

    As foster parent, Miss Winn opens the door to a life of hope and possibility; but not every youngster is convinced that Miss Winn's intentions are pure.