• NO CHI-RAQ Trailer

    In a city where more people are killed in the streets of Chicago than soldiers in the war on terror in Iraq, a community fights to change the negative stigma of its city. But as two gangs fight over control of the racially divided neighborhood, the lives of several individuals will be tested and ...

  • The Arrangement

    Anju, an independent Indian-American woman, is facing pressure from her parents to find the perfect guy, as they set up a series of dates for her that go horribly wrong.

  • Father's Day

    Iraq war vet Calvin (Al-Ruh) returns home to fight his resentful ex for visitation rights to their 9-year-old son. A hard-won day of father-son bonding at a quiet fishing spot is transformed into an action-packed nightmare when the boy’s backpack unknowingly becomes the repository for a disc belo...

  • The Talk in the Night

    A doomed man confronts death itself after murdering his girlfriend in a fit of rage.

  • Miss Winn's Garden

    As foster parent, Miss Winn opens the door to a life of hope and possibility; but not every youngster is convinced that Miss Winn's intentions are pure.

  • In The Know Shari Belafonte

    This episode we sit down with Shari Belafonte, model/actress/film maker/singer and all around entertainer about her life growing up with ICON activist, Harry Belafonte. Shari takes us through her childhood traveling around the world, her parents break-up, leaving early for boarding school and fin...

  • Dough_Full Movie

    When a traumatized runaway finds solace in a secluded farm home, her attempt to liberate the house from a disturbing secret uproots a rage that should have remained hidden.