This is NOT Chiraq Season 1

This is NOT Chiraq Season 1

In a city where more people are killed in the streets of Chicago than soldiers in the war on terror in Iraq, a community fights to change the negative stigma of its city. But as two gangs fight over control of the racially divided neighborhood, the lives of several individuals will be tested and forever changed.

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This is NOT Chiraq Season 1

12 Videos

  • Homecoming

    Episode 1
    Diablo the leader of The Spanish Angels returns home from a Mexico drug run.
    He comes home to his nephew’s Juan’s birthday party to greet his family.
    Mason now 17 years old, returns home after being away for 8 years. Mason is in shock that his community looks nothing like it did whe...

  • Hunt for Snoopy

    Episode 2
    The Black Hustlers and the Spanish Angels continue their hunt for Snoopy.
    Mason befriends D-Money a schoolmate, Mason also meets Juan, Diablo’s nephew. Mason also catches the eye of another classmate Elonda Cortez which happens to be Juan’s cousin.

  • Phamily Matters

    Episode 3
    Marshawn starts to implement his plan on changing the way Black Hustlers do business. His plan is to diversify the neighborhood, by getting politically connected.

  • Asesinato en el Primer

    Episode 4
    Marshawn and Glock continue to bump heads for control of the Black Hustlers. Diablo and Kika have a problem with the Cartel, while Snoopy jumps out the frying pan into the fire.

  • Street Rules

    Episode 5
    As one Spanish Angels lays dead, the war between the Black Hustlers and Spanish Angels intensifies. DʼMoney tells Mason that Elonda is untouchable, but Mason is still curious. Alderman White meets with the Mayorʼs Chief of Staff about increasing violence.

  • Ghetto Poli-Tricks

    Episode 6
    Luis and Juan have a problem with the store owner Ali. Primo interrogates Snoopyʼs girlfriend Maria, while Marshawn reaches out to an old friend from back in the day.

  • A Bullet Named Salvador Garcia

    Episode 7
    Wes goes rouge to avenge Glock's Death. Marshawn meets with Alderman White at their favorite café back in the day. Diablo and Blanca get update from the Spanish Angels search for Kika's bag.

  • Kasualties Of War

    Episode 8
    The De La Garza Family re-connect with love and support over the shooting, Wes regrets his actions after realizing his thoughts are true, the Community bands together in the wake of tragedy

  • Hustlin Numbers

    Episode 9
    Mason figures out a way to help D-Money get back into the studio to record his mixtape, Brenda sets up meeting with Mr. Love from Save Our Streets and Alderman White, Wes is captured and delivered to Marhsawn, Diablo has Baby Mama Drama with Blanca, Marshall confronts his brother about...

  • Ya Betta Call Tyrone

    Episode 10
    Marshawn visits a friend from the past and gets a huge surprise, Mason and Juan start their homework assignment only to realize they have a lot more in common then they thought, Diablo cools down the tension with Blanca over Jimena (Diablo's Baby Mama)

  • Ciudad De Grandes Hombros

    Episode 11

    As Marshawn teaches Tyrone a lesson, Tyrone tells Jasmine how he really feels about her, Mason has a special visitor from his past, Juan’s mother tries to continue her conversation with him about going to college but Juan lets her know his true plans, Diablo and Blanca do something...

  • S.O.S.

    Episode 12
    Mason finally meets his favorite uncle who shares with Mason his agenda for his organization, Diablo talks to Primo about the missing money Snoopy loss, The Community celebrates with Mr. Jeffery Love the founder of Save Our Streets.